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Clearance sales, you save up to 80 %
Clearance sales, you save up to 80 %

about us

  1. Good Mood

Choose sow homes, just right
“The original intention of so -fe homes is to create furniture that is exactly right.

Mood, just right

Life, just right

Quality, just right

Budget, just right

  1. Seseshome, everything is good, just rightRent House

Sogue helps you to reduce stress in life
Before the new bodies came to the public, too many people gave unnecessary time and money for furniture, but after that, body and mind did not get the expected relaxation.

"When I rented my first house, with the idea of ​​a better life, I gave a monthly content for furniture that was largely wasted."

"I really like my home, but I can't imagine how I can change his mess."

"Many of the furniture was too expensive for me, although I probably only needed a simple shelf."


  1. Thousands of studies have shown that there are never a lack of people who love life, what is missing are the right furniture at the right price.time

No life is insignificant, you earn something better
She will accompany sail homes for a long time, both with regard to the aesthetics of its design, its own quality and at its price. The test of the time will pass and can operate all life scenarios where they are.

Sogehome offers customers easy living solutions to solve the challenges of life at lower costs and reduce the burden of life.

  1. Soges, let everyone who love life, enjoy high -quality furniture at affordable pricesquality

Better quality + lower budget = lighter life
There is no wrong answer when deciding to buy furniture from sogeous, because so -fony is redefining light living: better quality, lower budget.

Seseshome sells less than the market for 30 %. The decision was not easy. But the young Sozeshome has grown to create surprises for everyone.

The wood for every piece of furniture, which is selected from black -grown pines, goes through dozens of processes and is checked by more than 5 quality examiners to really represent soges.

Furniture builds up the most basic living scenarios, and the selection of a piece of furniture simply has to be just right. Happiness with a small

Really easy living, not so expensive
7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Seseshome with you

A cooking session, a couch movie

A 3-minute sleepless morning

No need to strain your nerves

The comfort of home, the calm of sleep

This is the kind of easy life that you can get for less than $ 500

Take sleep seriously

Spend more time with your bed

Probably longer than any beautiful outerwear

That's why you need a comfortable bed

It is compassionate, interesting, loyal

Provides body and mind relaxation

Such a light lifespan is available for less than $ 500